Youtube on track with live streaming, but it won't be for the average user

1092top.jpgYoutube have been experimenting with live streaming today, in a move that shows we can expect real-time streaming sometime soon. It’s a very under-wraps testing procedure and will only last for 2 days and be available on a few channels, but it is a clear sign that they are committed to becoming a fully-fledged live streaming platform.

Only four of Youtube’s content partners are taking part in this two day test: Next New Networks, Howcast, Young Hollywood, and Rocketboom. The feature is a natural platform for the news and sports industry and anything else that covers live events. Youtube also have a Twitter-like live comments feature available during the live events…

Note that the live streaming will only be available for full-on broadcast channels, not for the average user. As Techcrunch muse, that’s only partly about the logistics of it, Youtube are also worried about the content aspect of letting everyone stream real events live – and the moral dilemmas that could throw up – for example whether people will start to live-stream suicides or other morally difficult events.

The web’s all about getting instant this week, with Google’s hyperactive Instant search lauching a few days ago. Should we be excited? yes, but expect to wait a while before we live streams actually turn up on the ‘Tube.

Anna Leach