Twitter unveils new home page – with added video, images and more

We were promised some big news from Twitter yesterday, but what it rolled out actually exceeded our expectations. New Twitter, the latest version of the Twitter home page, actually looks really strong. And for the first time it could mean that serious Twitter users start looking beyond third party apps like Seesmic and Tweedeck and use the home page.
It splits the home page in half. So one half is a person’s tweets as is the case now, but the other features a range of options including replies, more tweets from the same user, a map showing where the tweet was sent from, or embedded media.

The smart bit is that when you click on person’s tweet you can see the images/video they have added.

The revamped page, which is being rolled out across the network from now but doesn’t seem to be available in the UK yet, carries out three key tasks for Twitter.

For more on what the revamp might mean for Twitter and apps like Tweetdeck click here.

Ashley Norris