The Bluetooth headset for people that hate Bluetooth headsets


It doesn’t have an obvious mouthpiece – and that, say makers Nica, is what makes it good. Nica make good-looking Bluetooth headsets, and their new top product is a headset called Sunrise which looks a bit like a shell.

It does away with the “bar-shaped” mouthpiece bit, replacing it with “open air acoustics” so it picks up what you are saying from nearby your mouth. It cups your ear with soft foam pad and all in all LOVES YOU.


John Gaw from makers Maverick says:

“It rests comfortably on the outside of your ear instead of poking something in your ear canal. It doesn’t have an extended bar shape reaching down towards your mouth breaking up the visual appearance of your face. And it does all kinds of cool other stuff with the way that it magnetically docks and charges while active.”

I however think it is important for Bluetooth headsets to have some kind of visual impact because otherwise goddamn it just looks like you are talking to yourself and that makes other people uncomfortable.

It charges on a magnetic dock (provided) and comes with the requisite AC adapter. You can also buy other chargers for your car/desk.

The Nica Sunrise is available on for $79.99 (£51).

Here are the specs:
Compact, thin shape (35.5mm in diameter, 11.5mm thick)
Open-air design (no ear insert)
Noise suppression technology
13mm speaker plays crisp and loud
Magnetic attachment to charging docks
Three charging options with the Mini Charger (included), Desk Dock (sold separately), and Car Dock (sold separately)
Receive calls while Nica is charging
nicaConnect™ provides automatic reconnection to your phone when charging on Car Dock
Rechargable lithium polymer battery
Sliding power switch makes it easy to see if Nica is on or off
4 hours talk time / 150 hours standby time
Fully charges in 1 hour
0.5 ounces (14 grams)
Operating range up to 30 feet (10 meters)
Supports Headset and Handsfree Bluetooth profiles
Multipoint (pair with two phones)
Bluetooth v2.1+EDR compatible

Anna Leach


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