Please Make This: designer invents Catapault Alarm clock, the Aphelion


It doesn’t just flash and beep, this alarm clock actually thows stuff around the room in its efforts to get you out of bed. The Aphelion launches a ball out of a holder when the alarm goes off then starts flashing and blasting out MP3 songs you’ve loaded on it.

It sounds like its guaranteed to get you out of bed with about 10ccs of adrenalin rushing through your veins, but the cunning trick is that to switch it off, or activate the snoooze, you have to replace the ball in the socket – which requires getting out of bed. You see..?


Unfortunately it’s just a design concept so far soo…. we hope someone hurries up and gets this thing on the factory assembly lines

[via thedesignblog]
Anna Leach


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