Lyric Legend App turns iPhone into a Karaoke device

1080Lyric Legend_coldplay lyrics.PNG

For those of you less musically gifted than your peers, this iPhone app might let you unleash your talents in a karaoke-style game you could actually win.

To do well in the game, all you need to do is learn the lyrics. Called Lyric Legend it’s all about getting the words right and the tune can go to hell. It works like Guitar Hero in that you have to say the right word at the right time to register a hit and ‘burst’ the bubbles. You don’t even need to sing in front of your friends to compete against them, you can do it with just you and your iPhone then rack up the scores afterwards.

Given the vagaries of voice recognition technology (you know.. the sort of thing where your voicemail saying you’re locked out of the office gets transcribed as “I’m in South Africa”) – it actually sort of works.

The app is free but the catch is that you have to pay for songs – three come free with the app but if you want your favourite you have to buy it, there’s only a choice of 60 too.

Sometimes I find these pay-extra-to-buy-songs apps a bit annoying because if you’ve already spend 79p downloading the song onto your iPod, it seems downright wrong to pay for it again. Though the prices a bit more reasonable here: you can get a two pack of songs by a particular artist for a 59p – available for Rihanna and Robbie Williams for example.

Try it out. Just not in the office.

Anna Leach