BT app opens up their Wifi hotspots to iPhone and Android

1070btapp.jpgIt’s a free app that gives you free fast wifi at hotspots all around Britain. Unfortunately it’s only for smartphone-owning BT subscribers but if that’s you – then you’re in luck.

BT just announced an app for iPhone and Android that will automatically customers to its network of 1.6 million Wi-Fi hotspots.

All else being equal, this wifi offer from BT could be a decider when choosing a home broadband network

With limited data contracts, getting internet on the hoof has become more important. And even if you’re not in any danger of exceeding your data allowance, connections will usually be faster over wifi than over 3G.

The free iPhone and Android apps are for BT Total Broadband customers and include a mapping service which is updated weekly so that customers can find their nearest hotspot. Once BT customers have downloaded the app, all they need to do is input their btinternet email username and password, and choose to be automatically logged in whenever they are in a BT Wi-Fi area.

BT’s Wi-Fi network is the biggest in the UK – made up of BT Openzone and BT FON hotspots – and all BT Total Broadband customers have free and unlimited access either on the mobile phone or laptop when out and about.

Anna Leach