Bose launch first TV set – a pricey £6000 but you get a lot of woofers for your money

German audio-makers Bose revealed their first TV today, out in time for the Christmas shopping punters. With an LCD screen, 6 woofers, 7 element speakers and a “sound radiator” built in… they claim that their VideoWave is not just a TV but “an entirely new category of product”.

One thing it definitely is though, is quite pricey, the recommended retail price for the Bose VideoWave entertainment system is £6,000 including VAT. They do claim it will provide all your home entertainments ever though – with their new Click Pad gadget acting as a remote control for all the devices in the house.

It’s the audio that’s the deal-maker though, and you best believe it’s good. They say it truly is “cinematic” and have packed a lot of audio tech into the screen. This is what they tell us about it:

“For the impact of deep low notes, a cluster of six high-performance woofers is carefully matched to a new, powerful acoustic Bose waveguide. For the spacious, immersive quality of home theatre, a new invention — Bose PhaseGuide™ sound radiator technology — is combined with a seven-element speaker array and advanced Bose® digital signal processing. Together, they deliver sound well beyond the screen. Discrete sound is aimed — and heard — in places where there are no speakers.”

Oh and they’re chucking in a detachable table stand and an iPod dock too…

The VideoWave entertainment system will be £6,000 in Bose stores and selected dealers beginning October 14, 2010

Anna Leach


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