ARcam rCube is the sleekest iPod speaker on the block


Would that be a iPod-compatible high fidelity audio system in a sleek dark package? why, yes it is.

The rCube from ARcam is a cube that serves as a portable iPod speaker. With a high powered lithium battery, they claim it can play for four hours at party level or eight hours at a more moderate volume.

The rCube features an integral iPod dock and, using KLEER technology, a direct music streaming system from any PC or Mac computer.

What you can tell from the pictures is that it is a dark plastic box, what you can’t tell is that it is actually smaller than a football. ARcam promise that the amplifiers they pack allow it to fill a room with “stunning” sound despite the size.

Specs and the all-important price will become available closer to the time of launch in October.

More about the rCube on ARcam

Anna Leach