Vodafone offers iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go

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Laura Yates writes

Vodafone is to offer the iPhone 4 on a Pay As You Go tariff. Also adding in a few extra incentives up until November this year, Pay As You Go iPhone 4 Vodafone customers can enjoy one year’s worth of data which will be capped at 250MB a month in addition to one year’s access to BT Openzone Wi-Fi, set at 1GB a month.

Vodafone have launched the Pay As You Go option as a reaction to customer needs; with many people preferring the flexibility that PAYG systems offer. Mark Bond the Consumer Director of Vodafone has also stated that there will be further options and incentives introduced later this year.

Of course, the main disadvantage of PAYG is the hefty cost of buying the phone which when on contract, is usually offered for free. The 16GB PAYG iPhone 4 through Vodafone will cost you £480, whilst the 32GB version will set you back a whopping £570. If you’re still a lover of the iPhone 3GS, this will cost you £385 on the Vodafone PAYG deal.
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One thought on “Vodafone offers iPhone 4 on Pay As You Go

  • I got an iPhone 4 on contract through Vodafone last month. Already replaced it once due to the backlight failing. It is a great device though, apart from the phone part (i’ve found call quality to be muffled at times). The number of iOS4 apps available now is also growing, making way for the fantastic display which constantly gets other smartphone users – even Galaxy S users – on the train misty eyed over its brilliance.

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