Shiny Poll – will you use Facebook Places?


It’s not stalking… it’s just letting your friends know where you’re hanging out. Facebook Places was announced last night and will roll out to US iPhone users today, with other phone users and countries getting it soon after.

The gist: If you have a smartphone with a Facebook app you’ll be able to share your location with friends. Friends you are with will be able to tag you in their location posts. People who are in the same venue as you will be able to log on to that venue’s Facebook Places page and see everyone who has checked in there.
You can leave comments and photos anchored to that spot, which you or your friends will be able to pick up years later…

Privacy controls include:
1) you can switch it off
2) you can use it but disable the ability of friends to tag you
3) when you are browsing the Facebook profiles of other people in the same venue, you can’t see their name, martial status or age – just their picture.

Anna Leach


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