When copying the Old Spice ad goes real wrong… he's a politician and he's on a cow

Sure we can all learn about the internet from the sucess of the Old Spice ads, sure. The wrong take-away lesson, though is to copy it in a shit version to bolster your campaign for the US Senate. Especially if you are only moderately charismatic. Will someone please buy him some Old Spice?

We bring you – Senator hopeful Daniel Freilich. In his jogging gear, and on a cow.

[via jezebel]
Anna Leach


  • Vermont has a greater population of cows than people. He drank maple syrup.
    Its Vermont humor…probably doesn’t translate well.

  • What are you talking about? Yes this video is corny, the special effects are awful, and the acting is terrible… and yet I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a politician with a sense humor and some humility. I’m sick of all the redundant and cliche ads that clog the airways. This guy makes me proud to be a Vermonter

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