Look out Spotify! Mog is coming to the UK


Laura Yates writes

When it comes to music streaming services, the market is certainly becoming somewhat crowded. Spotify is probably the most intimidating major player out there, but could American streaming MOG.com, soon to launch in the UK, be the one to watch out for?

Launched in December 2009, MOG is a relatively new online music service which is currently only available in the US and lets you listen instantly to music directly from your computer’s web browser. With a catalogue of over 8 million songs legally obtained from every major music label and thousands of lesser known indie labels, you can easily tailor your music listening experience exactly to your taste. It also has a radio feature, which allows you to either listen to one artist or a mixture of artists whose music is a similar style or genre as the artist you’ve already chosen.

Sounds a little like Spotify right? Well, no as firstly MOG is entirely web-based meaning that you don’t have to download the service. Perhaps the distinct difference however is that MOG doesn’t have an ad-funded service and instead is planning on providing consumers a free taster and allow them to use the service for free for a few days with the hope that they will become hooked and subscribe. MOG also features blogs, news and features sections, making it more geared towards discovering new music and artists than Spotify and thus providing a richer entertainment experience.

When launched in the UK which is rumoured to be at the end of summer this year, MOG’s CEO David Hyman is intent on offering a cheaper subscription price than that of Spotify which is £10 per month. The MOG subscription price is likely to be around £5 per month and the service will also be iPhone and Android compatible though the subscription for this upgrade will increase to approximately £10 per month.

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