Gadget Lust: Kisai Traffic Watch combines road map with clock face, is mental


Our favourite Japanese watch-makers have just turned out another of their specialities – a completly illegible watch that looks really great.

Called the ‘Kisai Traffic Watch’ it is inspired by flyovers, underpasses and intersections. Does it tell the time? yes, but not as we know it. 3,6,9 & 12 are etched around the outside, and 30 and 15 run in a diagonal strip across the centre.

They explain:
“Hours 1-12 are the city streets in blue, 5 minute intervals are shown along the subway line in orange and single minutes 1-4 are the highway out of town in green. After touching the button, lights showing the current time will flash for a seven seconds to direct you.”

Piece of cake. The lens is a smoked black lens when the watch is off.

We love the industrial design, wacky combination of fake maps with the clock face and the fact that you’ll never really see anything like it this side of Tokyo. The battery recharges via USB.

Kisai Traffic is £121 (inc delivery) from TokyoFlash

Anna Leach