App Review: Camera Bag for iPhone

Sure Hipstamatic will always have a place in the hearts of some. But if you’re looking for a slightly more subtle photo effects with that iPhone camera of yours, or just more photo effects, check out the iPhone app Camera Bag.

[nb: for Android lovers we recommend free app FxCamera for pretty retro-style pictures]

What it does:
Camera bag offers 14 filters from wide screen Cinema, to 1962 which produces Rebel without a Cause black and white pictures. Take pictures through the app or use it to art up pictures from your photo library.

The Good
You add the photo effects after, not before the shot is taken so you don’t have to wait for it to “warm up the transistors” as you do with hipstamatic.
You try any given picture out in several different filters before going for one in particular

The Bad
My criticisms? A little pricey at £1.19, and a little slow sometimes in processing the photo changes.

Wow Factor
Makes that picture of your friend sitting on the bus look somehow epic and legendary..

If you like playing around with your photos, this is worth it.

Anna Leach


  • I think this is a great app, but the recently updated Camera+ is much better, has exposure settings and the filters are much much quicker.

    This was my only complaint about this, the filters take a while to save. Worth checking out both apps if you like your photography apps.

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