Sky makes World Cup TV more immersive.. with perfume

877 tv-that-you-can-smell.jpg

TV makers and networks are scrambling over themselves to create more immersive and engaging TV experiences. While most innovations are on the high-tech side, Sky HD have gone a slightly opposite direction by releasing a unisex football-themed eau de toilette.

Deal is you watch the football on your wide-screen high-def Sky Sports connected TV, squirt some of the frangrance Eau de Stade onto yourself and suddenly the South African World Cup fills all your senses.

Eau de Stade was developed to combine hints of fresh grass, the leathery scent of a football and the musky odour of dressing room sweat and tears. It is being advertised by Rachel Stevens.

The perfume is definitely a bit cheaper than other ways to enhance your TV viewing experience – costing just £19.99 (available in Soccer Scene’s pop-up store in central London) compared to a 3d tv for example which would set you back £1,799.

Somehow I don’t see other broadcasters adopting this approach… can you imagine other programming getting experience-enhancing fragrances? What would Big Brother the perfume smell like?

And can I just say I have never met a woman who expressed a desire to smell like football boots.

[via brandrepublic]
Anna Leach