As Posterous tries to poach WordPress users: which do you prefer?

890thumb.jpgSlim-line powerblogging site Posterous are hoping to poach WordPress users to their own platform by launching a widget which would transfer WordPress blogs wholesale to Posterous.

Posterous offers a very stripped down easy way to blog. One of their cornerstone features is the email-to-blog feature meaning you don’t even have to sign into a content management system to post.

The transfer widget is just one of 15 that Posterous will be launching in the next 15 days, allowing users on other platforms to transfer their sites over to easy-to-use Posterous.

Personally, though, I like a powerful back-end on a blog. Of course I’m not crazy about complicated interfaces but for me – more functionality = more fun. I like good galleries, access to lots of third-party widgets and lots of control over the final Jemima Kiss from the Guardian thinks differently – preferring the more time-efficient Posterous.

Where do your blogging loyalties lie?

Anna Leach