Erasers shaped like sushi & 7-blade scissors? Japanese Stationery from JetPens

If you can persuade your boss to make the office stationery orders a bit more of a financial priority, then you might be able to persuade him/her to get their pens and paper and sushi-shaped erasers from Jet Pens, our new favourite online stationery shop.

It sells Japanese pens, notebooks, erasers and a host of other strange office accessories. Okay, so it’s more officially for architects and designers say, but everyone’s desk would be improved by a bunch of erasers shaped like sashimi rolls.

Two particular favourites are:
The Sun Star Seven-Blade shredder scissors, here (You could also use those for emphasising your points at meetings).

And this funky chunky Board Marker
The Ink’gae Board marker here

And joy of joys – erasers shaped like sushi.
They also come shaped like hamburgers:

And there’s free shipping for orders over $25.

Jet Pens

[via Boing Boing]

Anna Leach