Green chargers reduce "Vampire Power" energy waste

There was me thinking “Vampire Power” was what made Robert Pattinson so sexy! No, friends that’s not what it is at all. It’s actually a term people in green tech use to describe power wastage.

When you leave your charger plugged in but you’re not actually charging anything for example. The electricity dribbles out of the electric socket like blood from the neck of a punctured virgin, and whatever way you look at it, it’s a big old waste.

Anyway one company – iGo – have come up with a way to reduce Vampire Power drain and no it’s not garlic [I’ll stop with those jokes now], it’s a charger that detects whether a device is plugged into it, and switches itself off when it’s not in use.

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“Whether we realise it or not, devices continue to draw precious power from the wall, even when they are not in use,” said Rob Falconer, MD of iGo. “Whilst it can be impractical for consumers to unplug their devices every time they are not being used, iGo Green Technology makes it easy for consumers by automatically regulating power, thereby reducing the standby power that each device draws.”

They claim that another advantage of the charger is laptop battery health:

“iGo green chargers may also protect the Laptop’s battery by not continually trying to charge; only when the battery requires power does the Green charger switch back on.”

Compatible with most popular laptops, the charger also comes with a USB port so that low power devices can be charged at the same time using either the USB charge cable that came with their Blackberry, iPod, Iphone etc or by using one of iGo’s power tips, this reduces the need to carry a separate charger or a voltage converter.

Stop the bleeding!

The iGo Green Charger is £69.90 from
Check the site for compatibility with your devices.
For more on the amusing VampirePower metaphor, see the website

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  • this is one such problem that it is hard to get save energy to all the time but if people consider on this matter they really can help to get save energy .

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