Five ways we'd use the Grindr model for good

Earlier today, I droned on about the pros and cons about Grindr, the location-based pick-up app for gay, bi and curious guys. And I explained why I don’t think the model will translate easily into the straight market.

But I do think the model itself is a good idea. Using GPS to find the kind of people you want, or need, to be in touch with – immediately, with minimum effort – is better than brilliant. Which is why we’ve put together a list of Grindr alternatives that we wish were in existence…

Gigpartnr: You’ve got a secret penchant for My Chemical Romance, and know that none of your friends is going to emo it up with you when the band next tours in your area. An app to find similar solo gig-goers would help you get together with other like-minded fans. Buddy up, have a beer and talk about how *nobody* understands you.

Moviegor: Along the same lines. Going to the cinema on your own is OK, but it means that you’re in danger of polishing off an entire box of Revels all by yourself (you know it. Even the coffee ones). This app would pair you up with other lone movie fans, meaning you’d have someone to share your popcorn with.

Trainr: What about all those people who get bored jogging on their own, but can’t face gym fees or committing to a running club? A training app would help lonesome runners get together for a workout. And you never know which taut-abbed exercise addict you might meet (sailing dangerously close to the original Grindr app, here…).

Helpr: Imagine how good this would be… You’re wrestling with a jar of pickles, but it’s… just… too… strong. Luckily, all the Good Samaritans in your area have signed up to Helpr, and are on call to assist you. Think big strong men getting kittens out of trees, opening those particularly pesky bottles of wine, etc. Nice.

And one that’s probably not going to happen…

Biebr: An app for Justin Bieber fans to all get together and whinge about how mean the interwebz are.

Any Grindr-style apps you’d like to see on the market?