The iPad can multitask! as a plate..


Nothing I like more than people using very expensive pieces of technology as plates. And iPads are perfect for being used as plates because they’re so flat and plate-sized. Using your iPad to eat off means that – finally – it can multitask. Yes, as a plate, but hey.

The trick with eating off your iPad is to put a wipe-clean smear-proof screen cover on first. One of those plastic transparent screen protectors that you can get in packs of ten. Peel it off afterwards and dispose of it.

If you want the iPad to look more like a plate as you eat off it then you can google image search “plate” and call up one that goes with your choice of food, like Shiinaneko, the young Japanese gentleman in the picture above.

Shiinaneko was inspired to eat off his iPad when he accidentally dropped food on it. He explains all in a blog post dramatically named ‘Let’s start a new life with the iDish’

“It was the time, when I was eating sashimi at a bar, fiddling with my iPad.
A slice of Tuna accidentally dropped on the iPad.
At that time, I hurriedly got rid of the sashimi, wiped it off,
Later I found that suddenly. In the first place,
If iPad were a dish, there are no problem

The troubles come, he explains, when you can’t remember whether the screen protector is on or not. He put some sashimi on by accident and now his iPad smells fishy. It’s a pity but it was a risk worth taking for the photos.

See more on the blog of hungry iPad owner Shiinaneko here
[via tuaw]

Anna Leach