National Bike Week: Electric Bike gallery

By Alana McVerry

There seem to be few Londoners left who still battle with public transport and are yet to be converted to the cycling revolution. Either they feel that work is a little ‘too far’ to arrive there solely under their own steam or they believe that getting on a bike is certainly going to end with them arriving at work a sweating heap or, worse, with a broken limb.

Technological development serves yet again to convert the unconvertible with the ‘electric’ bike. From now on that burdensome hill can be conquered without groaning through flaming thighs, by switching on the electrics allowing you to scoot up with ease. The easier, more effortless electric cycle allows you to roll up to work sweat free and smelling fresh.

It’s also apparently safer to travel by electric rather than pedal bike, although I’m not sure I fully follow the logic here. Either way, if you think the electric bike is for you, check out these options.

Chris Price


  • Woah! Interesting… I just bought a bike two weeks ago and it is perfect for my exercise on pedaling. I want to avail this electric bike for the purpose of going to another town, that would be easier and comfortable. Abu Mag Elite

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