Waterfall Audio release sparkling masterpiece speakers: the Niagra

If you’re into glass casing and are a sound nerd – then you might be interested in French company Waterfall Audio which have re-released their luxe-est, shiniest model: the Niagra, and it’s finally available in the UK.

766 niagra.jpg

Called after that massive waterfall (geddit?) it costs an eye watering £25,000. Okay, bear with us.

Set in diamond clear glass, the speakers appear to float in mid air. They explain:

“The NIAGARA’s stunning enclosure of the 3/4′” – thick diamond glass stands 3’11” tall. Different in colour from regular glass, Diamond Glass is a very luxurious material treated at high temperatures for a maximum clarity and transparency that allows the speaker’s drivers to appear to float in mid air.”

766 Niagara 2- top part.JPG

The bass and mid drivers are covered in hand-stitched Nappa leather and it’s set on a solid aluminium base.

And the sound? oh yes: well they claim it will transform your sitting room into a concert hall. Key component is an intricately engineered Glass Horn Tweeter, which they say, creates a luminously expressive sound.

The whole package won Niagra a place in the top 10 Best Designed products of the year – Home Entertainment Magazine USA.

766 niagra 2.JPG

Well okay, so you’re still not going to spend £25k on it… but something to drool over. Or visit their new show room and go stroke them.

Waterfall showroom: 30 South Street, Eastbourne, E.Sussex. BN21 4XB
Niagra, by Waterfall.com

Anna Leach