Shiny Video Review: a paper-thin guitar? yes, Paper JamZ from iWoot

It’s not exactly a Fender, but it sure makes some noise. Anna and Brendan take a look at what is possibly the world’s thinnest guitar and see just what you’re getting for your 25 pounds…

Paper JamZ, £24.99 from iWoot

Anna Leach


  • This is pretty amazing. Technology reaches even traditional instruments. I like the color pattern too.

  • Absolutely stupid. Another in the long line of toys designed to dumb kids down. You can’t play music on it. It is a pretend guitar! Why not buy your kid a cheap guitar if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash? He can still do the same thing along with his favorite music and just might learn how to play. Just rubbish!

  • OK so it’s not a ‘real’ guitar – but if they’re having all this fun does it really matter?

    Rock out to your favourite tunes all you budding rockstars with the new Paper Jamz Guitar

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