Twitter gets behind Nick it's all #nickcleggsfault

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The Lib Dems may be getting a kicking in the mainstream media, (see the Mail front page above that vaguely associated Clegg with the Nazis…) but Twitter seems to be spearheading a popular comeback. It’s all down to one smart little hashtag #nickcleggsfault. What I can I say? I can only screengrab a coloumn from Twitter and let you see the genius for itself

Follow the whole glorious thing here: #nickcleggsfault

Okay a few favourites:
from @jade_elizabeth
Could Nick Clegg infect your house prices with AIDS? Is Nick Clegg stealing the identity of your pension? Yes, yes he is. #nickcleggsfault

from @heavygoodsmedia:
“Hi I’m Nick Clegg and Windows Internet Explorer was my idea!” #nickcleggsfault

from @KatyFBrand
Nick Clegg fell asleep on the Titanic when he was supposed to be looking out for icebergs #nickcleggsfault

– you get the gist…

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Anna Leach