Ten best Ovi apps for Nokia phones

As an app store it’s often overlooked but Nokia’s Ovi apps are installed on thousands of popular phones and since we’ve been getting all loved up with Nokia on ShinyShiny this week, we thought we’d round off with a Top Ten Nokia Ovi store apps gallery.

A few reservations though: not all apps are compatible with all phones… and we’ve had reports that 3rd party apps don’t always work straight off…

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Anna Leach


  • Nice post, great detail. I would have liked to see the costs that are associated to it so I could add to my business case justifi cations to use the technology. Keep up the good work! Great Job!!! Informative and attention keeping!

  • My favorite free apps (5230) that haven’t been mentioned are 1)Opera mobile…makes the default browser look completely amateurish.
    2)Solitaire touch….great card game when it works but it does have a habit of crashing.
    3)Doodle jump…..it’s childish, or should I say purile BUT it’s fun.

  • What is the best apps and games that u have found on Nokia OVI store for the nokia touch screen devices that are free?

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