SlapoMeter site lets you slap a politican during the election tonight

647 slap.jpg

Annoyed by politicians? Feel like slapping them? That’s exactly what the Slapometer lets you do. Set up your laptop in front of the TV tonight as you settle down for the election debate and get slappin’.

The site totals up the slaps for each politician. Gordon Brown is currently the most slapped, but I have to say through some interface quirk it’s quite hard to slap David Cameron.

See site here: Slapometer

Anna Leach


  • Kirsty, if you really want to show your annoyance, you need to vote, not voting helps nobody and nothing. Spoil your paper by writing on it, vote for a minority party- just no voting makes you seem apathetic, and gets no point across whatsoever. Also, less than 100 years, women died in order to give you, and the rest of the fairer sex, suffrage. Do her proud, and vote

  • i really hoped that they would have nick griffin in there so i could slap his fat pug face. well the best i can do for now is draw devil horns on his picture that fat c..t

    • YEAH! i can hit all 3 of them. im not even voting for them as they are all big twats, every polotican is corrupt fuk them all LOL.( yeah CRAIG that what i was thinking aswell he is a cunt, we should chop him up for food for the poor lol)

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