Judging from a blurry picture, what do you think will be in the next iPhone?

617 iphone hd.jpg

It might be, it might not be, but the very words new iPhone are enough to get us hungrily devouring some low-res jpegs and speculating like crazies. Engadget picked up a few pictures claiming to be the new iPhone, from an anonymous source who snapped pictures of a device found lying on the floor of a San Jose bar. Correlation with a previous Engadget photo from January suggests that the picture might be genuine.

617 4g-twitpic-rm-eng.jpg

What we can discern from these pictures:

1) the new iPhone will be rectangular and mostly black (SHOCK AND GASP)
2) it will have a silver strip around the edges, slightly less rounded than on the 3Gs

What we can’t discern from the pictures but people are guessing anyway:

1) It will be called the iPhone HD, not iPhone 4G
2) It has a front-facing camera
3) It has 80gb of storage.

Anything you guess might be in the new iPhone from looking at the picture? I reckon that silver strip can be flicked out to reveal a range of useful pocket knife devices, probably including a corkscrew. I’m just saying it’s possible.

Anna Leach