We all know about the iPad, but what does it actually do again? Poll shows UK is confused

462  ipad uh.jpg
A poll on from UK survey site YouGov shows while we Brits all know about the iPad, most of us are pretty confused about what it actually does. A whopping 70% are aware of Apple’s iPad and it hasn’t even hit the shops yet, but 19% admitted to having no idea what the iPad does, while 37% mistakenly believe it makes calls.

Add in a few more wrong notions: 38% wrongly think it doubles up as a camera and a massive 48% think that one of its primary functions is as a digital photo frame.. and it seems the picture is pretty mixed-up.

It’s not surprising that new device is confusing people – the whole is that is would be different from existing devices like netbooks and phones. Still I hope everyone checks out the specs before storming the Apple shops when it arrives in the UK in late April.

And it could be those Mac fangirl/boys suffering worst: 91% of those owning 3 or more Apple devices were aware of the iPad, but they were just as confused as everyone else.

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Anna Leach