Top Ten Dating Apps on iPhone

Ah dating, love it or hate it, it’s got to be done unless you are lucky enough to be a)in a relationship b)have a great cat and don’t give a damn.

Anyway, it makes it all a bit easier when it’s on your iPhone: saving you time, money and sparing you those awkward moments when you don’t know what to say (just pretend you’re off-line).

We have trawled the app store for the best iPhone dating apps and come up with ten.

Click on the image below to start the gallery.

Anna Leach


  • Wants to date with the girl who speaks other language than you!! With OneTongue iOS App, Language is no barrier for friendship as this app gives instant translation of languages while you chat with your new friends who speak languages other than you. Download it for free:

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  • If you’re too lazy to use the apps why not limit the article to one or two thatyou actually tried? I can read the app description myself.

  • LetMeCU is a location based social / dating application, user can create/join private or public groups, chat or send messages to each other, or find your true love in our dating service, or find your friends on map. User can also search places nearby to meet with friends, or check in to get ranks and coins. Many fun stuffs, download and play!

  • DateMate – The Dating and Sex Tracker
    It’s an app that allows users to rate, tag and track the dates that they are actually having. Very cool!

  • ibownce is very cool. Free 30 day trial and awesome features for an iPhone app! Just found it on a review site and been checking it out today

  • If you’re too lazy to use the apps why not limit the article to one or two thatyou actually tried? I can read the app description myself.

  • My favorite dating app is weopia. Not for the iphone, but works with any dating site.

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