Top 7 all-in-one desktop computers

All-in-one PCs are, in my humble eyes, the indisputable future of home computing. Soon gone will be the days of the cumbersome tower.

The tower was necessary in the early days of home computing to house oversized hardware, and allow for easy DIY expansion; adding a wireless card, or new hard drive to a tower could be a right pain in bum. But nowadays people rarely need to expand their home computers. A firmer fundamental understanding of their needs and better standard hardware mean that only real hardcore techie-types are prying open their PCs to wodge in new motherboards and graphics cards.

All-in-ones are ace. Clean, approachable and tidy, they meld all the functionality of home PC use with a new world of touchscreens and integrated media management. That’s why we’ve put together the seven best for you.


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