The GPS-enabled dog collar that tracks your beloved pooch from your phone

Where *is* that pesky dog/lovable pooch/furry soulmate of yours? Well if you had only embedded a GPS tracking device into his collar, you would know exactly. And you could track his progress on your phone as he mooches from one side of the garden to the other side and then runs around in circles for five minutes.

You can now get GPS-enabled dog-collars that connect to your mobile phone. Oh GPS collars are old news but ones that come with compatible apps, now that’s a step forward.

GPS dog-collar manufacturer Retrieva and mobile phone sat-nav specialists ViewRanger have unveiled new updates to their dog collar and software combination that allows you to track your dog on your mobile phone. Watch the video above for all the details you could ever want.

The Retrieva Tracking collars, from £199.99 and £9.99 per month to cover all network communications.

Anna Leach

One thought on “The GPS-enabled dog collar that tracks your beloved pooch from your phone

  • Leaving pets alone at home could be worrisome and loosing is worst of all. But with GPS technology we can rest assure about whereabouts of our dear Pets. I heard about SpotLight GPS Dog Locator which providing contineuous tracking and recovery services with the help of AKC Car. With SpotLight’s iPhone and Blackberry applications you can track your pet through your Smartphones. Its very easy and convenient.

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