Ten Web Services I thought I'd use but haven't

You know how it is – it pops up – there’s a mushroom cloud of hype, you get all excited and then a week later you’ve forgotten all about it and gone back to your old ways. We’re not discussing X-factor contestants, but new web services. Stuff like Google Wave that you go wild for, but then just forget about.

Anyway I see a fair few of these new services so here’s a round-up of services and sites I thought I’d love but haven’t got round to.

I might be missing out, but these is what I think anyway.

Disagree? pop your thoughts in the comments.

Anna Leach

One thought on “Ten Web Services I thought I'd use but haven't

  • I agree with a lot of them, especially FriendFeed, Twitter lists and all types of Google apps. I thought I’d use Google Side Wiki more, but nope, just not got round to it.

    Btw I think you are wrong about Foursquare and Brizzly

    Is anyone still using Twitter lists?

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