Railroad Perfume – should this be the scent of entrepreneurs?

229 scent.jpgI have a soft spot for descriptions of perfume so when one popped up promising a scent of the railroad I was intrigued. Surely they didn’t mean the rain and bin scents that linger around my local station?

No, of course they didn’t – they meant the the summer breezes in the praire and meadows of wild flowers, referencing back to when Americans pushed railroads into the great unknown, rather than when I caught the train to my friend’s house in Bromley.

And it occurred to me – this is what internet entrepreneurs should smell of too: adventures, fresh air and probably Indian Rhubarb. Finally a fragrance for the technorati. I’m not saying they definitely need one, but it is about time that this group of internet power-mongers got their own style, square-glasses and friendfeed accounts are one thing, they should work on the subtler side of their identity too.

I’m not actually sure if this is for men or women, Bond no.9 New York seem to be pushing a fresh cosmopolitan scent which I think it could be best described as “metro-sexual”. Besides everyone wants to smell of grass don’t they?

“The scent starts off with a prairie grazing weed, purple love grass mixed with
citrusy bergamot and zesty Indian rhubarb. The perfume’s floral heart is red-leaf rose, Lady Jane tulips, and grape hyacinth. Its lingering base notes combine bur oak from the sheltering tree that thrives here with imported sea moss, to evoke the Hudson’s River proximity, along with musk and teakwood, to remind us that Bond No. 9 High Line is a metro- perfume.”

The scent of e-trepreneurism? I think so.

Here’s an informative article on HowStuffWorks about bringing smell to weirdly odourless internet. Otherwise the link between technology and smell is definitely an under-researched area.

High Line Railroad Perfume from Bond No.9

Anna Leach