Pop-up postcard that turns into a minature garden: great for Mother's Day

360 postcarden 2.jpg

Okay this is a bit out there, but what a sweet idea: a pop-up card that transforms into a minature living Victorian-style garden.

It’s like an allotment in a card.

The pop-up postcards from CuteBitz opens out into the shape of a garden and comes with a packet of cress seeds. Unfold the card, sprinkle the seeds out, add some water… wait a few days and pretty little cress seeds start pushing out of the card.

CuteBitz say: “PostCardens will brighten up any desktop, windowsill or sideboard all year round! Simply open and shape into the design, place on a flat surface and add water.”

Sweet or what? A nice card for Mother’s Day as well..?

Postcardens come in 3 designs: Allotment, City and Botantical: all £6.90 from CuteBitz.

Anna Leach