Pennsylvania State Uni is first to promise all students an iPad

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Didn’t think anything would make me want to be a student again, but I’m considering applying to the Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania where they are giving all students a free iPad starting Autumn term 2010.

Sweet deal or what? They’re for educational purposes of course – “Students will be able to download their textbooks to their iPads from the iBook Store. In addition, iPads can be used as phones and for air and file sharing, as well as note-taking” said tipster Dirk, who broke the story to the TUAW site.

We bet students will also take them home and use them to show off in front of their less privileged friends.

The students at this uni do pretty well in terms of free Apple goodies. In the fall, first year undergraduate students at this Catholic liberal arts university also receive a 13″ MacBook to use. Haven’t heard of any British unis getting into this…

[via TUAW]

Anna Leach


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  • Your headline is confusing. Penn State is a specific university in State College, Pennsylvania.

    I’d amend your headline to read “Pennsylvania University…”

    Great blog, btw

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