Brainstorming on a bus? the SXSW start-up coach

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I find it hard to read on coaches, never mind brainstorm viable business ideas, yet South by Southwest (SXSW), the multimedia festival, have just challenged some e-trepreneurs to do just that.

They are putting 12 entrepreneurs on a 48hour coach ride from Vegas to the SXSW venue in Austin and want them to come up as many start-up ideas as they can.

This sounds like a recipe for feeling really sick IMHO, and any savvy business mind would surely realise it’s more effective to lose 4 hours getting a plane, then spend the other 44 doing some work in an enviroment that doesn’t bump around and make you feel queasy, but a publicity stunt is a publicity stunt and the start-up bus it is. It’s leaving Vegas sometime in the next few days.

SxSW Interactive is March 12-16 see website here

Anna Leach

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