App Review: Tweetsii mushes Foursquare in with Twitter

388 tweetsii.jpg
New app Tweetsii, from Dutch social networking platform Gypsii (which has been very successful in China) promises a richer Twitter experience. Tweetsii has a lot of competition in more established Twitter apps: Tweetie, Twitterific, TwitterBerry. Does it provide a better experience?

If you’re internally groaning at the thought of yet another Twitter app, let’s cut to the chase. This does all the basic stuff you’d expect of any Twitter app – shows you your stream, lets you post text, add pictures, search and geotag.

Okay so what’s new then? why another app with a silly name.
Well. The *different* feature on this app is that it’s all a bit more location focussed. There’s a “nearby” tweet stream for example: somewhat like gay male hook-up app Grindr, it ranks tweets according to how many metres away from you they are. That’s quite interesting. You can gauge what’s big in your area, see if any of your friends are nearby and maybe meet new people locally.

Anything else?
Yes – click on the Places button and see venues nearby: restaurants, cinemas and so on. Tap it to find the location, phone number or to share it on Twitter. There’s also a Gypsii offer section – for deals in restaurants etc. You can create a list of personal places too.

What’s this Explore function?
The explore function fuses nearby Twitter stream with the nearby places stream. Search for “coffee” for example and you’ll find a list of coffee shops and tweets about coffee all ranked for proximity to you.

Conclusion – so it’s like Twitter mushed into Foursquare then?

Yes, yes it is.

Anna Leach