Nooka watches get AR treatment: try them on virtually

Just when you notice one company has started using augmented reality to let you “try on” fashion accessories remotely, you suddenly see a whole heap more too.

Nooka watches have created a fun little video site where they let you try out their watches. It’s a little more complicated than our previous example though, because you need a strip of Nooka watch-representing paper to make this work. You can find such a strip in magazine adverts. Watch the video below it all becomes clear. Anyway once you present your skelton paper watch to your webcam while on the Nooka site, it transforms it into any Nooka watch you select. Wave it around and you can see yourself with your imaginary watch on the video cam. It’s pretty cool.

Apparently to Nooka’s PR agency it has boosted sales as well. That’s the charm of AR for you…

Nooka Watches here

Anna Leach