Heart app syncs with your lover's iPhone: an app for Valentine's Day

120 heart app.jpgEither romantic or schmaltzy depending on your current relationship status and attitude to romance, the ifallinlove app syncs to your lover’s iPhone and depending on how near you are to the object of your affections, the heart on the screen swells or shrinks.

It also starts to beat more quickly and goes redder.

Download the app for 59p from the app store and set it to “fall in love” with another iPhone by both tapping your hearts (on screen) at the same time and place. A question box pops up reminding you of the seriousness of commitment: “Falling in Love: Are you sure you want to do this? It’s a very big step.”

Then, as long as you both check it regularly, it will display how near or far you are from the iPhone-owner you love.

We presume it will only know your location from the last time you logged on, so if you don’t check it, it could be out by a few days and miles. But that’s love for you – always got to keep checking on it.

If you’re single, you can fall in love with a place – more reliable than a human being you could say – and the app will swell as you get near to it.

Other little features include the Cupid’s Compass option, (presumably only on iPhone 3Gs) where you can see your heart punctured by an arrow that always points towards your lover.

And conveniently there’s also a break-up feature – “Fall out of love by repeatedly tapping and shaking the heart till it cracks and breaks.” Lovely. It goes all black and bruised looking and throbs more slowly. “Then you are free to go elsewhere and fall in love again.” the app description reminds you. Yeah great.

Anna Leach

One thought on “Heart app syncs with your lover's iPhone: an app for Valentine's Day

  • iFallinLove developer here – thanks for the review!

    The compass displays on all the iPhones, but will only spin around (like Jack Sparrow’s) if you have the 3GS. On older handsets it just points up for north, right for east, etc.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone :-)

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