GyPSii: quick Q&A on world's biggest mobile social network

156 gypsii-logo-sept09.jpgSo what is this GyPSii thing?
Well, it describes itself as the world’s leading location based mobile social network.. connecting the real world with the virtual world.

So, if it’s the world’s biggest, why haven’t I heard of it?
Probably because you’re a Brit. It’s very big in China and the Far East, Japan, Taiwan etc. GyPSii added 1million subscribers in the last quarter.

So what’s the business model?
Focussing on China’s 800 million mobile phone users, GyPSii aims to pair with advertisers who want to reach this massive market. They offer very targeted advertising, using factors such as location and user profiles to provide more specific and useful advertisements. This includes things like coupons for local shops.

Is it available in the UK?
Yeah, it’s available all over. Register here and you can download an app too.

So should I sign up?
It’s a bit like Foursquare, available on the web and mobile of course. You need to give it more information – postcode, date of birth etc. You upload places by geotagging video, photos or text though it’s also a bit like Facebook in letting you upload photo albums. You can automatically push your updates to facebook and Twitter. Watch this video of young British hipsters using GyPSii to organise some lolz:

Great tattoos huh? Would you like to see an even weirder video about GyPSii?


Here you go:

So, while it’s unlikely you’ll need another social network, if you’re the early adopter type it’s definitely worth working out what it’s about. Please be my friend. I haven’t got any.

Anna Leach