Finally! a pocket that can take the iPad

167 ipad jeans.jpg

I knew the iPad would change men’s fashion irrecoverably. The portable 10″ screen tablet computer is either going to have men toting man-bags or it will do something very strange to men’s pockets. Today I saw a vision of one of those possible futures, it’s above. Some beautiful photoshop work from ohno!doom! has brought us the big ass pocket jeans – trousers capable of carrying an iPad. I won’t say it’s stylish, I’ll just say that it would definitely carry it. I’ll also add: don’t sit down with that expensive machine on the wrong side of your buttocks.

The other alternative is a kangaroo style pouch at the front of a hoodie or shirt that the Pad could just nestle in. I’ll post that as soon as I find a picture.

On other matters: nice model right? They should do some glamour shots of macboys posing with iPads. I’d buy the calendar..

Sadly the design collective behind ohmy!doom! have no plans to make these beauties, but if anyone does, let us know. They have our full support.

[via ohno!doom!]

Anna Leach


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