The Apple iPad's trump card: price from $499 (£309)

Even though fangirls and boys were disappointed by the name (is that sanitary towel?) and pleased but not thrilled by the giant iPod touch that Apple demo-ed, the price is good, lower than the $800 or $1000 suggested.

iPad prices (without a 3G internet deal) will range from: £309 ($499) to… £513 ($829) for a 3G enabled model with 64G storage putting the gadget into the range of lots of people and taking it out of direct price competition with MacBooks which start £799. But if you consider the 3G a must then the prices start at £389 ($629) – though of course deals for the UK haven’t been announced yet.

Apparently Apple shares which had been slipping during the presentation suddenly jumped when the price was announced.

1 appletabletb543 price.jpg

Anna Leach


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