Tangerine and chrome Serie 1 TV from LG is a retro beauty

87 retrotogo.jpgCheck out this pretty retro TV from Korean company LG, usually more known for taking things forward rather than back. Love the chrome feet on this TV set, the orange casing (that shade of tangerine is pure 60s) and the perky little aerial.

A classy sitting room piece if you want to make a design statement with your TV set.

It’s not widescreen though, the screen is only 14-inch screen; and big catch – the set is only currently available in Korea. However, the set has a digital tuner and an option to watch them all in black & white (cool or what?) and composite video connectivity means you can hook up a last-generation games console.

Want one? well, right now that will mean a trip to Korea, where the LG Serie 1 sells for around £134 (approximately $216). No news of a UK launch, but if we kick up enough of a fuss, who knows? See another image over the page.

LG Korean website

[via Retrogo]
Anna Leach