Micro hair straightners from Cloud Nine

65 cloud-nine-micro-iron.jpgDo you get caught out by fly-a-way hairs or weird curly bits midway through the day? At a time when your bedroom and the implements need to sort it out are far away? Catering to this disastrous scenario, manufacturers Cloud Nine have brought out minature hair straighteners that fit in your handbag.

At 6 inches long and only 200g heavy, these are pretty small, though quite fierce too, reaching 150 farenheit.

The micro-iron is a traveller’s hair straightener, made for travelling and featuring universal voltage so it works at the same power all over the world. The iron also features a hibernation mode where it automatically switches off after 10 minutes..

Cloud Nine micro iron is available from salons in the UK, priced at £45.00. Also available to buy online at www.cloudninehair.com

Anna Leach


  • I love my Cloud Nines too, they are fab, not just for straightening I love them for all round styling.

  • I disagree the plug is way to big for your handbag good from travel but I wouldnt recommend for hand bag

  • I bought the Christmas Offer of a Pair of Standard and Micro I have medium longish hair. I use the standard mostly but the micros good around my fringe and “problem” areas. I have taken the micros away with me very handy at there small size

  • Cloud Nines are a great rival to ghd. An important point to note the the Micros don’t heat up to the temperature of the Standard or Wide. I purchased a pair for my son for Christmas he is very happy with them I found this link to a Offer For A Pair Of Micros With Free Gift or Free Delivery

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