Everything you need to know about Vevo – the most sucessful music service in the US

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There’s been a lot of noise in the US about a site called Vevo. After streaking ahead of MySpace Music in December 09, it’s the biggest online music service in the USA, with some 35.4 million unique visitors. And it only launched on December 8th. Gulp.

What is it? Why is it so successful? When’s it coming to the UK? We answer a few of the questions about Vevo.

What does Vevo do?
It’s a music streaming service, which shows high quality professionally-shot music videos of artists from the Jonas Brothers to Lady Gaga.

Why the hell is it so successful?
It’s the traffic from Youtube that has sent Vevo through the roof. Vevo is now the most watched channel on Youtube and 92% of visits to the Vevo home site come from its youtube channel. The professional video and high-quality sound must also give Vevo an advantage over less good shaky or amateur footage. The company has some serious corporate muscle behind it: Vevo is a joint venture between Google, Universal Music Group and Sony.

Google, as in the Google that owns Youtube?
Oh yes, that Google.

When’s it coming to the UK?
You can already watch its youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/vevo But the website is not available.

Are we going to like it over here?
Local start-ups Spotify and Last.fm rule the roost for Brits wanting to listen to music online. But something offering videos could still be very successful. After Youtube stripped thousands of music videos off its site last year, nowhere has emerged as a dominant place to watch music videos.

What are the Top Ten music services in the US?
Conveniently enough, Techcrunch have drawn up a table: here you go. Figures represent unique visitors in December, 2009 and are compiled by comScore

1. Vevo: 35.4 million
2. MySpace Music: 33.1 million
3. AOL Music: 29.0 million
4. Warner Music: 23.3 million
5. MTV Networks Music: 17.6 million
6. Yahoo! Music: 16.4 million
7. Jango Music Network: 9.6 million
8. ToneFuse Music Network: 8.3 million
9. MSN Music: 6.6 million
10. Rhapsody: 6.5 million

Vevo Youtube Channel
Vevo site coming soon

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