Chrome overtakes Safari, now third most popular browser

5 chrome thumb.jpgNews comes from marketshare that Chrome overtook Safari last month to become the third most popular internet browser behind Internet Explorer and Firefox.

With ads for Chrome splashed over buses, newspapers and billboards Google has put its monetary might behind advertising its browser and it’s not surprising that people are taking it up in increasing numbers. The release of Chrome for Mac in early December must have boosted uptake for Google’s speedy browser too.

Chrome only leads Safari by a hair… with 4.63% of the browser market for December 09, versus 4.46% for Apple’s Safari, but as theappleblog puts it – “Safari seems to have plateaued” where Chrome is clearly growing. Internet explorer is still leader by a long shot with 65% of the market share and 25% belonging to second-placed Firefox.

How the browser market divides up:
5 browsers.jpg

How Chrome caught up with Safari:
5 safari and chrome.jpg

In other news more people than ever are using their mobile phones to look at the web and mobile browsing now accounts for 1.3% of all web browsing.

images from marketshare
[via Mashable]

Anna Leach