CES 2010 Round-Up: Toshiba TV ditches remote and lets you wave to flip channels

Buttons have been replaced by touchscreens over the past few years, and now Toshiba are taking it one step further and doing away the whole idea of touching anything. All you need to do now is wave. Their new Gesture-Control TV uses a webcam and an infra-red motion sensor to detect what you’re doing with your body. Your gestures then act as controls for the TV functions.

Pause the image by holding out your palm, tap your ear to change the volume, make breaststroke motions to scroll through a globe of content options. Play by holding your palm over one of the options.

From the video shot by Ashley at CES, the sensitivity seems a little shaky and as you would expect, Toshiba are working on making sure that accidental gestures don’t get picked up by the TV. Toshiba estimate that the technology is about five years away from the consumer market.

See a video of the Gesture-Control TV in action on the Best Buy UK channel. Best Buy UK sponsored Shiny brother site TechDigest’s CES 2010 coverage.

Anna Leach