CES 2010: Ford cars will get smart with Microsoft built computer system

ces 3-4 myford_touch_press_images_main.jpgFord have been collaborating with Microsoft in creating an in-car computer system. Ford CEO announced plans to pipe internet content into future Ford vehicles as part of a system called MyFord Touch.

So think touch screens, traffic information and graphic controls for the music system.
They’re hoping it’s going to give people a feel-good factor as well as something useful:
“MyFord Touch, combined with new SYNC functionality, creates an experience that will cause people to fall in love with their vehicles again,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “It’s not just a technology; it’s an experience – one we hope will have people across the globe looking forward to spending time behind the wheel of their vehicle.”

The system behind MyFord Touch is Microsoft Auto 4.0, which is an expandable platform open for new developments, allowing it to grow and add new features without requiring new hardware. Cars will get more intelligent – can only be a good thing.
Two models with MyFord Touch will be built next year, and one more in 2012, though Ford says 80% of new cars will have the system in five years.

Anna Leach


  • Cue all the old jokes most if Microsoft collective cars …

    But in any pillowcase do we truly status drivers distracted by yet author techno faeces in their cars. They scarce seem at the means as it is!

  • Brings a whole new meaning to the blue screen of death.

    “Oh no my car has crashed – AGAIN”

  • Cue all the old jokes about if Microsoft built cars …

    But in any case do we really need drivers distracted by yet more techno crap in their cars. They barely look at the road as it is!

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