And it's a… iPad! Apple Tablet finally announced

Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s slender 10 inch touch screen device in Cupertino this evening.
1 appletabletb99.jpg

“It’s a revolutionary magical product” Steve Jobs told a breathless audience, running through Apple’s successes.

“Is there room for a third category of device in the middle? Something that’s between a laptop and smartphone.”

This device needs to be BETTER than a laptop or a smartphone at these types of devices. “Or it has no reason for being.”

Gizmodo liveblog reported Steve Jobs as saying.

What do we know?
– customisable background
– iPhone OS
– with HD youtube app

Looks exactly like the rumours from the last few months… it’s a big iphone..

– Full capacitive multi-touch screen. Not OLED
– One 1ghz Apple custom chip. 64 ghz of flash storage, wifi.
– Can you use it to take a phone call? no, doesn’t look like you can.
– Battery life 10hrs – 10hrs on video, a month on standby
– Google Maps application, location sensitive

– no flash support
– no camera

– apparently 960×640 in size
– features iWorks: word-editing programmes
– 16-64 gb flash storage

– mechanical keyboard fits in dock
– also touchscreen keypad for typing on screen

Anna Leach