The Xmas Factor: at last.. an Xmas Tweet Calculator

312 xmas tweets.jpgWho is the most Christmassy Tweeter in your office/friendship group? Perhaps that’s not a question you’re asking right now, but if you are… errr, well you can find out.

Visit site and enter your name/your friend’s/colleague’s/boss’s twitter name in and see how xmassy their tweets are.

As the site puts it – “Have you got the Xmas Factor?”

The site searches that person’s tweets for various Christmassy phrases, then displays all the results from the people you search for on a leaderboard. If you use the #xmasfactor hash tag or talk to @xmasfactor it ups your chances of your tweet getting nominated as festive. Otherwise I imagine just writing “christmas” will do well for you. So far though, I score zero on both my accounts.

One way to ensure your colleagues/friends join in your seasonal tweeting is to set up an xmassy tweet league perhaps with a prize for the most and least xmassy tweeters. Maybe a good prize. I’d definitely include the word “christmas” in my tweets if alcohol was involved.

Twitter apps that let you work out what words you tweet (most or least) have been around for a while. But this is quite a fun idea and introducing the league element is fun for small groups of social tweeters.

The Xmas Factor

Anna Leach

One thought on “The Xmas Factor: at last.. an Xmas Tweet Calculator

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    My name is Luisa and I’m a reader of your blog.
    I work at a interactive agency in Brazil and we frequently use your posts as an inspiration to try new uses for Twitter.
    We’ve just launched a new Twitter integrated hotsite for Christmas. It’s called and it’s a virtual 3D tree made only by people’s tweets.
    Take a look at it.
    Thanks for your attention and keep up the great work!

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